How to Survive the Summer Lockdown with World Balance

How to Survive the Summer Lockdown with World Balance

Bored? We gotchu.


Getting tired of binge-watching and scrolling through social media all day, everyday? Well, you’re in the right place because we’re here to help you replace those with healthier habits.


While we are very privileged to have the option to stay at home for our own safety, there’s also no harm in admitting that it can get pretty dull to stare at the four walls of our house all day, every day, right? Sure, it would be best to postpone our trips (again), but that doesn’t mean we can't enjoy ourselves and make the most out of the hot weather.

Here are the ways to step into the summer fun without leaving your home with World Balance:


1.Work on your beach body!

What better way to welcome the beach season more than putting in the effort into achieving your #BodyGoals? Sure, you won’t be able to dip your toes in the waters or run in the sand just yet. But hey, you can still work on that bikini-ready body!

Aside from rocking your lean figure, it would also be a great idea to focus on your health at a time like this.

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS: Home workouts. Get ready to play and follow routine tutorials from your favorite fitness vloggers. Just make sure that you have the right footwear like our very stylish and functional Kaia Neutrals for only P2,099. Doesn’t this beige shade in sports shoes just scream fresh summer fitness to you?

2.Work on your beach body!

If you can’t go on a summer trip, then take the summer destination to your home. The key here is to create a cozy place where you can just hang out alone or with your housemates in fashionable apparels for some well-deserved quality time. Who says you can’t have that IG-worthy travel lifestyle vibe even when you’re just at home?

Also, it would be really beneficial to your mental and emotional health to dress up and give your space a little bit of makeover from time to time.

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS: Go all out! But this doesn’t mean you should splurge cash, too. All you need to do is add a little piece of decor that reminds you of your fave summer destination here and there. Pair it with super fashionable loungewear. Top it all off with a pair of relaxed athleisure style shoes like our Kaia City Pack - Sydney and you’re all set! The Kaia collection also comes in Madrid (red & white) and Miami (bright violet & yellow) colorway at P2,099


3.Work on your beach body!

While this technically means that you have to go out, it would still be beneficial for you to enjoy a bit of sunshine every now and then. In fact, many experts advise that we find ways to expose ourselves to the healthy rays of the sun now that we spend most of our time indoors. So, it’s okay. It’s totally natural for you to want to get some fresh air and give in to it as long as you follow health protocols.

After all, we all need a breather and stretch our legs, don’t you agree?

HOW TO ACHIEVE THIS: Well, be sure to bring all of your new normal essentials like disinfectants, face shields, and face masks. It would also be wise to go to a nearby place where it’s not crowded so that you can still maintain social distancing. Last, but not least, this will also be the perfect time to convert your World Balance Rashguard Set (P1,199) into a functional OOTD with its sun-protective fabric. Pair it with Templar (P2,099) as you go for a run around your neighborhood.

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