K-pop Edition: Outfit Hacks with World Balance

K-pop Edition: Outfit Hacks with World Balance

I’ll just say it, K-Pop dance videos hit differently.


It’s not just us, right? To set the record straight, we do love our K-Pop stage performances. We marvel at the extravagant outfits, on-point makeup looks, and bright backdrops. The cheering crowd, synchronized sea of light sticks, and the loud fan chants wrap up the performances perfectly. But there’s just something about the chill vibe of the dance practice videos that make us see beyond all the fancy stage lights and costumes. We get to see their laid-back but stylish outfits, hear the raw sound of their kicks hitting the floor (plus the occasional giggles when someone makes a mistake), and appreciate their hard work even more.


Of course, I bet these videos make our dancers and dancers-at-heart excited to get up and start moving their bodies to the beats and choreographies as well. And maybe, film your own dance videos? Why not? What do you say, make this your style guide to affordably recreate your favorite dance practice outfits with our World Balance items? Sounds great? Kaja!



1. Love Yourself Like ITZY Lia (“Dalla Dalla” Dance Practice Video)

Starting with the girls who taught us to embrace and love that we can be dalla or different, Lia’s outfit in the OG dance practice video is a must to recreate.

Achieve the look of Lia’s top with our WT-Active Tee 31 for only P549. Thanks to the tie-up feature in the back, you can get that cropped look that accents your midriff area without having to worry about the knot loosening up throughout all the movements. Just focus on the dance and show what you’re about! You can also wear it flowy of course, so you can move more freely and comfortably no matter how intense the choreography is. The WT-Active Tee 31 is available in sizes S to XXL.

Our choice of leggings may not be an identical dupe for Lia’s, but it’s the perfect match for your top and it allows you to hit those dance steps smoothly, nonetheless. Made with high-quality polyester and spandex, the WP-Active Pants 32 can secure your every move with maximum flexibility and comfort for only P899. What a steal! This pair is likewise available in sizes S to XXL.


For the shoes, we spot a lookalike of the Tresna L in black. For only P2,099, get that semi-chunky look that can cushion your feet while rocking the style of Lia’s kicks. Meant for cross-training, this pair is equipped with a bounce pad insole that will certainly protect your feet with every jump and step. Confidently give it your all with these functional and fashionable kicks! If you’re a white-sneakers kind of gal, the Tresna L also has the perfect white option for you.


From head to toe, we hope we can help you look in the mirror and love what you see (hey!).



2. Ridin’, Rollin’, and Reloading with Stray Kids Felix
(Cover of NCT Dream’s Ridin’)

Stays, remember that Felix moment in Hyunjin Practice Room #7 when he snapped to Ridin’ and showed us how much of the main dancer material he is? That was such a good cover, it deserves an outfit recreation segment.

Felix was ridin’ and rollin’ and reloading to the tracksuit style, looking comfortable and cool as he hits every beat flawlessly! World Balance’s MJ-Track Jacket 60 captures the look but with a more pop of blue. For only P1,199, you can enjoy a high-quality jacket made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex. It’s the perfect material for a multipurpose clothing piece good for activities and even for casual wear. You can also match the track jacket with our MP-Track Pants 61 in the same color. Its fabric is like the jacket and comes in regular fit from sizes XS-XXL, ready to accompany you in every stride and kick for only P899.

To wrap up the whole look, we can’t leave the shoes out of the equation. Though not the same, our Hot Shot M comes in a similar colorway as Felix’s sneakers in the VLive. The quality? We can vouch for that. Its upper is made of breathable knit material, and the heel counter and toebox are man-made leather. The soles are a combination of EVA and rubber with insoles that are ultra-soft, making this pair the perfect shoes for those intense steps. This can double as your basketball sneakers too. You’re not limited to white either, the Hot Shot M also comes in gray and black, ready to ride with you and your different styles for only P2,299.


3. Simple but Fancy Like TWICE Chaeyoung
(“Fancy” Dance Practice Video)

Perhaps you fancy Chaeyoung’s crop top action more in their Fancy dance practice video? It’s simple but flattering, accentuating a little bit of your midriff as you confidently flash that “I love you” sign in the choreography. If so, you must check out our WT-Begin Your Legend 29 cropped tee in fuchsia (perfect for our Strawberry Princess!)  that’s breathable and comfortable in sizes XS-XL for only P649. The material is also suitable for casual wear, easily turning this top into your go-to choice every day.




For the bottoms, she is wearing baggy joggers that complement the flowy cropped top well. But in our weather, can you honestly bear the sweat trickling down your thighs as you move? You might want to swap it out with our Active Pants 04 which is made of moisture-absorbent and quick-drying material, solving that icky sweat problem instantly. It also has an adjustable hem to help find the most suitable length for you. Further elevating the look, the tapered fit turns it from simple jogging pants into a stylish performance bottom. Best believe that it is priced at P1,099 only!


We may not have a boots selection like Chaeyoung’s for now, but you may want to consider the beautiful Mickey x Odyssey L from our Disney Collection that captures the all-black vibe from her outfit. For only P2,099, this pair is designed to compress the force impact with the bounce pad insole system that cushions your feet from heel shock, and its Trampolite outsole that boosts your every step. Dance the night away with kicks that make every move feels comfortably bouncy and springy! Aesthetically, its body is made of black breathable knit perfectly accented with the red (again, perfect for Chaeyoung) Mickey Mouse logo and heel tab design. The Mickey x Odyssey M is also available in male sizes for P2,199.

Got what you’re looking for? We’re here to help you be comfortable and stay in style as you flex those moves. Cop these items easily by clicking the links to be redirected to the products.

We truly hope you can continue to dance and have fun in between your busy schedules. There’s so much more we can offer for your next dance practice style hacks; we don’t mind putting out a part two if you find this one-stop look guide helpful. Shop World Balance now to get these looks for less!


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