Lux For Less: Price Starts at PHP 350

Lux For Less: Price Starts at PHP 350

Who said formal footwear should be over the top expensive?

That’s completely untrue.

As we say it in Filipino, “nasa nagdadala yan”. And as for top-notch quality? Nasa World Balance yan!

Easy Ka Lang Men
, EasySoft Got Your Back!

As much as we love our kicks, it’s always a good idea to have some backup non-sneakers for our formal and semi-formal events.

Or sometimes, you just need some good pair to add some class into your OOTD – be it for date nights, meetings, or even days when you just want to dress up.

Good news for our gentlemen, our sub-brand EasySoft comes with the perfect high-quality pairs that will certainly fit every occasion.

Best known for our specialty, the Vircrotech material, our EasySoft pairs can endure anything. You can show up anywhere looking formal and dressed up rain or shine!

Lace to Lux: Basel Deluxe

PHP 599.75

Not ready to graduate from your shoelaces? No problem!

Laces can be classy too. The Basel Deluxe kicks up the lace game to match the level of formal attires perfectly.

The perforated patterns arrayed on the premium brown body give it a simple yet high-class touch.

And not only that, but this pair is also waterproof, shock-absorbing, and durable. Nothing says high-quality than a pair that can endure each step without hurting you, right?

Sleek and Simple: Atlanta Deluxe

PHP 599.75

For the gentlemen who are all about the sleek and classy style, we say give the Atlanta Deluxe a shot. The warm cinnamon brown color will edge up your look, and you don’t even have to try hard.

It’s a slip-on style, which means you can easily head out the door with 100% certainty that you’re good and ready for what awaits you!

As if the visual of this pair isn’t enough, it’s crazy comfortable too. Your soles will be cushioned by a memory foam insole, so you can trust that each step will feel soft and bouncy.

Formal shoes that don’t hurt?! YES, PLEASE.


Refined and Polished: London

PHP 599.75

If you’re more of a black formal type–we also have something for you, of course.

The classic shiny and polished look is still a staple in many formal outfits today. And who can blame them? The overall style looks so refined and sophisticated, it’s hard to ruin an OOTD with this one.

Also made with our signature Victrotech material, the London pair won’t fall down and apart on you. Durable quality, waterproof, and long-lasting, you’re more than ready to enter the rainy season with style!


Eenie, Meenie, Malibu: The EasySoft Malibu Collection

But wait, there’s more.

We’re not just all about the serious formal, we also have something to offer for those looking for in-betweens – classy, but not so seriously formal.

A.K.A., boat shoes!

And speaking of in-between, with the combo of the laces and slip-on, the boat shoe style is also the perfect in-between for the comfy-but-put-together look.


Malibu Deluxe

PHP 699.75

Gone are the days when formal shoes have so many restrictions – they can’t get wet, they can’t be worn on rainy days, blah blah blah.

Why not be carefree both in class and style? This is what EasySoft is about!

Embodying his name, Malibu, this pair isn’t afraid of every splish-and-splash coming your way. Bring it on, the Malibu Deluxe can handle it without a sweat.


Malibu M

PHP 599.75

Our Malibu can also prove to you that elegance is still possible even with pops of colors! It comes in red, navy, and black – ready to mix and match with all of your styles.

On top of the high-end look, it’s functional too! Shock-absorbing, waterproof, and lightweight; what more can you ask for?


Sophisticated na Sulit: 7Soles for You, Sis!  

Ladies, we all know that good shoes wrap up your entire look.

And no, you don’t have to break the bank to do that. Our sub-brand, 7Soles offers sulit na sulit deals that will change the formal game for you.

High-quality, high-end, but low in price? Yes, it’s possible!


Versatile Verona

PHP 350 (discounted price)

Yes, sis, believe it! This satin-finished pair of heels is now discounted at PHP 350. Seal the deal before it’s too late!

Breaking the misconception of heels being uncomfortable, painful, and impractical, Verona wants to let you know that block heels are your best friends.

You can run, jump, and walk in these for the entire day with ease and comfort.

How is that possible, you ask?

Well, it’s because we know the secret to good and comfy shoes.

One of them is the cozy foam footbed that provides your soles that cushioning that can be hard to find in most heels.

We also made sure that the footbed follows your foot shape, so it’s Verona who’s adapting to you and not the other way around.


Be a Head-Turner with Belize

PHP 350 (discounted price)

Not into satin? Okay.

Suede will be for you, and Belize is her name. She’ll help you unleash your kikay and sosyal self!

It’s a 2-inch block heel style with adjustable straps. And the rubber outsole makes it even better – it’s literally elegant heels but with the superb traction of sneakers!

Pretty amazing, right?

Whether you pair these with dresses or jeans, you’ll turn some heads for sure.

Comfortably Classy: Cosette  

PHP 350 (discounted price)

If you’re all about the suede but you’re not crazy about the straps, then let’s remove it!

That’s not a problem at all with Cosette who can rock the style of heels with or without the help of straps.

Taking on all the goodness and benefits of Belize but as a slip-on, you’ll be taken to a world of comfort and convenience without compromising the sophisticated style that we’re aiming for.

And yes, it’s also running at a discounted price of PHP 350. That’s why when say sulit, you better believe it!


Classy Everyday with Vanadey

PHP 500 (discounted price)

But as we know very well, formal isn’t confined to heels only.

You can do away with all the fancy heels and still strut in elegance. For our ladies who are more comfortable with flats and mules, check out Vanadey!

Bringing you the leather look with a cozy foam footbed, these mules look formal but feel casual – the best of both worlds.


PHP 750 (discounted price)

And the last, but definitely not the least, the trustworthy flats with straps on the back – meet Almira!

Despite all the new styles in the market, there’s no beating the classic flats when it comes to superior comfort and convenience. You can’t go wrong with this!

The design replicates the high-end snake print, adding that extra flair. So if you’re looking for a go-to pair to effortlessly up your fashion for the day, look no further.


Found A Pair You Like?

What are you waiting for?

Get your hands on our EasySoft and 7Soles footwear before the discounts end!

Well, what did we tell you? High-quality formal footwear should be affordable and accessible, and we here at World Balance are determined to give you that.

Shop World Balance now and get lux for less!


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