Our Slides Meet the S-Foam Technology

Our Slides Meet the S-Foam Technology

Let’s go straight to the point, you read the title and you’re now wondering, “what in the world is S-Foam Technology?” Well, to disclose our secret in the simplest way possible, it’s a special World Balance design that makes our footbed soft, smooth, and superior, which explains why those who have worn our slides swear by their ultimate comfort and quality. You might think that a pair can’t be that good, but that only means you haven’t found the right one yet–or should we say, you haven’t tried our slides yet!

If you’re looking for the perfect pair that will accompany you in your grocery runs, errands, or in receiving your deliveries while still looking stylish and put together, you’re in the right place! Check out our S-Foam slides and start choosing for your feet’s next best friend. 



First on the list is our best bet when it comes to flexibility. It is designed with a breathable neoprene strap and an EVA buckle strap that are both adjustable. These features are here to make sure that the Slidefoam will fit your feet perfectly, your only problem might be hesitating to take them off because of how comfortable they are. The soles are lightweight, and the footbed is where the S-Foam Technology comes in. Imagine the feeling of landing on soft and plushy cushions, with contoured outline that traces the shape of your feet. Every movement is smooth and flexible, and it feels like you won’t mind walking around the entire day as long as it’s with this pair. And why not? It’s also convenient to use and refreshing on the feet. This is why we take pride in our special technology, we’re able to produce superior quality slides at an affordable price. The Slidefoam comes in both men's and women’s sizes, so we have the perfect pair for everyone!

Visually, this pair is also not backing off with its pleasing aesthetic and beautiful color ways: black, white, black-yellow, and gray-orange for the men; white, black, and blush colorways for the women. Wearing this is the perfect epitome of functionality and fashion slid into one. Only P799 for men and P699 for women.  


Slidecool M

For our leather lovers who liked the adjustable straps from the Slidefoam, you

will surely enjoy the Slidecool. Emanating that simple but classy style with two color choices–the perfect black-red combination and the neutral but striking shade of gray, pairing this even with your most laid-back t-shirts and shorts will certainly upgrade your entire look. Designed with the S-Foam Technology, the footbed is guaranteed to be smooth and soft. Its bottom sole is lined to avoid slippage and to increase your stability as you walk. With its sturdy and high-quality materials, you’ll get a lot of use from this pair–each experience bringing you satisfaction and comfort. Priced at P650 for men.

Sliderite M

If your fashion and aesthetic taste are more on the minimalistic style, then the Sliderite is your friend. Bringing in the similar qualities that you would want from the Slidecool, but in classy black and white, it is the slides that will give you that clean, modern, and elegant look. Don’t let those thick-looking soles trick you too, these are made from the EVA material, which means they are very lightweight but with high density. It doesn’t feel like walking with bricks on your feet. Walking with clouds might be more accurate! For only P799.


Cloud Slider L

Speaking of walking on clouds, of course, we also have a selection for the women. From the name alone, you can already feel the plushy footbed and lightweight soles embracing your feet. The straps are also adjustable and made with quality leather, but with an added mesh lining for that extra breathability. The overall design is simple and minimalistic, perfectly complementing the enameled ombre logo of World Balance on the straps. It comes in the colors black, white, and for those who love a pop of color, the mint color will suit you best. Yours for only P699.


Tempest M

While we’re on the topic of colors, we also have a good selection for our men who love the fun and colorful style. Have you met the Tempest? It has these tiger-like stripes on the straps for those who enjoy the edgy vibe. The only problem with the Tempest is its color selection: orange-black, black-white, and red-white, which all look so good, you might find it a bit difficult to choose from them–sorry for that. But whichever you pick, all choices will similarly give you that cool, lightweight experience with its open-toe feature and adjustable velcro straps. The name may not start with “S” like the others, but the Tempest is likewise carefully designed with S-Foam Technology, so you can expect that the footbed is ultra-smooth and cushion-like. For less than a thousand pesos, you will be walking around with a pair of slides that is not only stylish and fashionable but also built with features that will lessen muscle strain. Without a doubt, this pair is a worthwhile purchase for your productivity and style.Priced at P650.

Wave Ryder M

You don’t like the adjustable straps? Don’t click off yet, the last one on this list is for you. Although not adjustable like the rest, the Wave Ryder is rocking its unique slip-on strap with an embossed print like the Tempest. The straps are additionally padded with textile lining, making the top of your feet feel most comfortable. Your bottom soles will also be well-cushioned with the softest footbed, making your every step feel bouncy and supported. This pair is designed for long-lasting wear, as evidenced by the molded EVA outsole that’s lightweight, sturdy, and of high quality. It comes in black, navy, and gray, with eye-catching shades and details complementing perfectly with the neutral base colors. That’s right, the Wave Ryder will not spare any part of your feet from superior comfort, security, and style. Priced at P650 only.

When our slides meet the S-Foam Technology, superior comfort and satisfaction are achieved. We want to extend this experience to you, even with the slight risk that you might not want to take them off once you try them! Being actively involved in the footwear business for over 4 decades now, we have been specializing in the best features with unique technological designs that are affordable and accessible. We hope this list will be helpful for you as you pick out which footwear will be your best companion in your day-to-day activities and errands. Step into softness and shop World Balance now!

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