Spotted: Top 5 Best World Balance OOTDs

Spotted: Top 5 Best World Balance OOTDs


A quick scroll in the tagged photos in our official Instagram page shows just how stylish our followers are. This makes us so happy that we just have to take our time to acknowledge the effortlessly chic looks everyone has been managing to pull off using World Balance products. Here, we have compiled our top looks so that we can learn a thing or two from these certified athleisure fashionistas.


So scroll down and get ready to get some major inspo for your next OOTDs.

  1. Go Local, Go Magical

                                                 Photo: @bobbyskyz on Instagram

    Don’t you wish that you could just escape with your day-to-day routine? Well, slip into our Mickey Mouse x Bandila lounge shorts and fanny pack and you’re all set. These outstanding pieces are also part of our Mickey Go Local, hence, the aesthetic execution of red, blue, and yellow paired with Mickey’s signature details.

    Expand your ever-growing Disney wardrobe while showing your Pinoy Pride! We know you want to.

    Get the following items via the links, SHORTS, HABI, and FANNY PACK.

  2. Minimalist Chic

                                                      Photo: @inah on Instagram

    This beautiful off-white sporty coordinate matched with our new Mickey Go Local Collection is a comfortably stylish way to spend your day at home, in the gym, or casually strolling wherever. This simple pairing would totally make it seem as if you didn’t pay much attention to your outfit (even if you totally did) and still end up looking put together.

    The Mickey x Bandila comes with adorable Mickey Mouse details paired with the captivating colors of our National Flag is just perfect for all proud Pinoy, Disney fans out there. 

    Get the look here.

  3. Next-level Neutrals
                                                 Photo: @ninanuguid on Instagram

    After all the time that we are spending at home these days, there’s no denying that we should allot more time exercising and here’s how you can do so while staying stylish. The monochromatic top and bottoms paired with our Kaia Neutral is an easy-peasy yet superb workout combination. It also will give you that extra boost you need to achieve your #FitnessGoals with its Bounce Pad cushioning that will protect your feet as you move.

    Go ahead and sweat in style!

    Get the look here.

  4. Basic but Better
                                              Photo: @beyakinyones on Instagram

    Embrace your model off-duty vibe with the crop top + high-waisted jeans + white sneakers combination! Here’s the trick to a no-fail way to look fashionable whenever you step out of the house. This fun and easy formula is also very versatile because you can decide on the cut of your tops and jeans depending on your style. Of course, there are also so many types of shoes out there -- but believe us when we say the World Balance ones are the best.

    We have endless variations of comfy white sneakers for you to choose from so there’s definitely a perfect pair or two (or 10) for everyone.


    Get the look here:
  5. Beautiful Fits

                                                 Photo: @yesulykaoppa on Instagram

    Achieve your fitness goal in clothes that fit you well! Our outerwears are not only made to make you the best dressed person in your gym (or anywhere else), it also boasts functional features like a relaxed cut to assist your ease of movement and specially-made fabrics to keep you cool while you sweat.

    Keep one or two handy in your closet so that you will be ready to kill it in style every workout session.

    Get the look here.

  6. Slip on something cute!

    Photo: @jascyl_nyx on Instagram

    Effortless, comfortable, stylish -- these are the three things every fashionista has in mind whenever they are dressing up for a casual day. There is no better way than to match each Instagrammable outfit with our Odyssey 2.0! This sock-like fit sneaker comes with a thicker outsole to ease you through the day and subtle details to catch everyone’s  eyes.

    This pair will surely take you to places!

    Get the look here.

    Want to get featured next time? Don’t forget to tag us on your awesome #OOTD #worldbalance shots! 

    We will be waiting.

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