Styles Inspired from Your Favorite Sitcoms

Styles Inspired from Your Favorite Sitcoms

Finished your favorite classic sitcoms and TV shows for the nth time since lockdown? You’re not alone!

And each time you finish binge-watching a show, do you also have this uncontrollable urge to reference random iconic scenes in association with every normal item you see? I KNOW! (cue Monica’s voice). We thought it’ll be fun to do this with some of our favorite World Balance products. If you’re also a Friends and HIMYM fan, we hope you enjoy this fun read while finding the products you need!

The One Where You Dress Up for the Reunion

Could the most awaited reunion of all time be any more exciting?! We need to celebrate the one where they get back together, and you need to dress up for it. Not with anything fancy, though. We don’t want to steal Monica’s thunder.

1. Choose Rachel For Your Football Team
Now, now – just because Rachel wasn’t exactly the best in football does not mean she doesn’t deserve credit. Heck, her short-sleeves-over-long-sleeves outfit has been recreated multiple times over the years in Halloween and costume parties. Let’s do it the World Balance way, shall we?



It’s pretty simple. All you need is a cropped tee (or even a basic tee will do!), some long sleeves, jogging pants, a cap, and sneakers – which we have aplenty. It doesn’t even have to be the same color scheme; you can achieve the look with the right clothing pieces.

Starting from the World Balance cap, we already have a good choice for you. Made with breathable polyester mesh with an adjustable strap, you’ll enjoy our WB-92ACC-Active 09 even on your most casual days. It’s straightforward – it’s a cap, it’s made with high-quality materials, it’s perfect for sports and casual wear, and it’s affordably priced at P399! 

For the top, wear our 01WT Palm Tree 13 to get a more flattering cropped look for only P649. To complement the pink gradient design of the shirt, match it with the pink Smiley pullover underneath. This style is also more apt for our hot weather, but still captures the essence of Rachel’s outfit. The material is not too thick for the summer and can also keep you warmer on cooler days. Enjoy the versatility for only P539.40 discounted price!


Moving on to the bottoms, achieve the jogging pants look with our Active Pants 04 for only P1,099, but with a better twist. It comes with a cropped and tapered design made with 100% Jacquard polyester, making you feel more comfortable and leveling up the look more than ordinary jogging pants.



But let’s say you don’t want to wear full-on pants; you can always swap them up with active shorts! Depending on your style, you can get the 01WS-Active Shorts 16 in black and white for the longer length and looser fit, or the WS-Basic Active Shorts that comes in matching pink too, for a more breathable feeling. Hey, we’re just recreating her outfit – we encourage you to still go with what you’re most comfortable and confident in!



And of course, shoes! Rachel was wearing these edgy black and white kicks with a bit of a chunky sole. Our Armada L is relatively a look-a-like of hers, only with a more modern and clean aesthetic. Made with good quality nylon and a thick outsole, it is perfect for athleisure activities as you sport this pair in style for only P1,799. 

2. Joey Tribbiani Tries to Be Gen-Z
Uhm, first off, we would totally believe Joey is a 19-year-old. Won’t you? And while they are probably mocking the jock and street style here, we could turn this around and make it into a wearable outfit. In fact, that jersey-layered-on-t-shirt look is already being sported around by many. Some wear it as a style, some wear it while playing basketball – either way, it works!


To start easy, you’ll need a gray shirt. Highly comparable to Joey’s, our MT-Basic Active Tee comes in a similar shade for only P549. It also has an orange option if you’re more of a bright color type of person.

The exciting part is deciding which jersey to layer on top! If Joey is obsessed with the Knicks, you surely have a favorite PBA team too. Beam with Pinoy pride as you choose from our PBA Collection merchandise – which if we may add, is officially licensed – for only P1,099 per jersey. Ginebra, Meralco Bolts, Northport – you name it! Made with 100% polyester, the fabric is lightweight with a loose fit, specially meant for active playing. Even if you’re not, you can wear it for a presko feeling amidst this summer heat.

For more practical bottoms suitable for sports, or that are aesthetically compatible with the top, we won’t ask you to wear jeans atop boxers like Joey. Though if you want to, that’s okay too. But you can certainly move more comfortably, and look more like a normal 19-year-old, with the City Jogger 08 for only P1,199. The fit is tapered, the waistband is elastic, and the back comes with a pocket; what more can you ask for?


If you prefer active shorts, we have that too! The 01MS-Active Shorts 35 is designed for sweat-inducing activities with its breathable side panels and an extra lining for more comfort.


3. Haaave You Met Ted?
Truth be told, we were holding it in. But coincidentally – or should we say, bro-incidentally – Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother also rocked that jersey-layered-on-t-shirt in a Generals game. Also with the same shade of MT-Basic Active Tee gray underneath a jersey. Told you it’s a look!


Now, brace yourself for more Ted Mosby references below.

Hands-Free Belt Satchel: That’s the Dream!

Make jokes about the legendary packer Ted Mosby all you want, but there’s no denying that a hands-free belt satchel is the most convenient type of bag when it comes to traveling. It may look small, but it is more than enough to carry around the most important valuables with you. And isn’t that the dream? To travel freely without having to lug around big bags of inconvenience!

I’m sure Ted would appreciate and gift our ACB-Smiley Fanny Pack. It’s made with high-quality materials that will secure your things well and comes in this fun colorway of bubblegum pink and blue. For only P299, you can be the next El Ganso Con La Riñorera–a packer of great skill and merit. No, it does not mean fanny pack dork.


Not a Fanny Pack Fan? Challenge Accepted.

Let’s say you don’t believe that a hands-free belt satchel will do the trick, or you just don’t know how to pack with “Tetris-like precision”  (Mosby, 2013) then our Smiley sling bag might be better for you. Like Joey’s man bag (I’m sorry, I just had to), this is versatile for men and women. It’s not a purse! The quality is assured and the sleek black and white colorway with a pop of red will elevate your OOTD in the best way possible. Carry more valuables and memories with you for only P599. Admit it or not, everyone needs a bag!

The Red Footwear: Pulling. Them. Off!

Be honest, did Ted pull off the red boots?
Well, maybe don’t answer that. It’s gone anyway, and it’s time for some new red shoes. We have a lot of good options you can pull off, and consider this next part as the playbook for red shoes. It’s a quick run-down of our best picks, and it’s going to be legen–wait for it––  


The Invictus Monochrome in Red


Aesthetic Value: 100%
Affordability: Check. Quality sneakers for only P2,199.
Worth It? Yes.
Just by looking at it, it’s already filled with excitement and energy! You can read more about the collection in our Sole Stories.

Court Tactician 


Aesthetic Value: 100%
Affordability: Double check. Basketball shoes for only P1,700?
Worth It? Please.
If you’re on the hunt for red basketball shoes, this is it. Breathable mesh, high collar, and Terra Soft-cushioning? The perfect choice.


The WB x Secret Fresh in Red   

Aesthetic Value: 100%
Affordability: Check. Cow suede material for only P2,299. 
Worth It? More like, brworth it. (Okay that was a stretch.)
Want something a bit more casual? This is it! Easy to put on with those Velcro straps, thick soles, and a bounce pad insole, your casual game will be above and beyond.

Cassian L 


Aesthetic Value: 100%
Affordability: Check. Also sporting that cow suede material for only P1,999.  
Worth It? Psh. Double please. Of course.
The ladies likewise need good casual red shoes. Packed with breathable mesh and EVA soles, your outfit will level up even if you don’t try!


The Ascendant L  

Aesthetic Value: 100%
Affordability: Check. Only P1,799.
Worth It? YES.
Still for the ladies! It’s not just visually appealing, the functionality is commendable too. You won’t regret copping this, and be prepared for some compliments wherever you go.

– dary! Legendary! Well, that was awesome. And we have more where these came from. Who knows, maybe we can put out a part two (wink!). Admittedly, we intended to help you find what you need while having fun with the hunt, but turns out we had more fun putting this article together.

If you found anything you like, you can simply click on the links to be redirected to the products on our website. Don’t miss the chance to shop World Balance now!




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