The Perfect Shoes For Every Student Based on Your Personality

The Perfect Shoes For Every Student Based on Your Personality

Even at the time of distance learning, there is no denying that our classmate’s personalities still shine through our screens. Now, isn’t that the beauty of technology? While we can’t see each other on campus yet, we can at least do a few things that remind us of our good old face-to-face classes days. One of which is slipping into shoes that perfectly fits our personalities!


We also totally understand that no one is one-dimensional and we can be whoever we want to be. So, feel free to add-to-cart everything that applies to you.

1. The Achiever

We all know that one person who is always on his/her A-game whatever it may be. Name it. Academics, student publication, drama club, everything! They are a part of it and they are excelling, too. If you are this person, best believe that the Eccentra is just right for you.

These laceless and sock-like shoes are great for everyone who wants to be comfortable on-the-go while remaining stylish. Shop Here

2. The Athlete

If you’re a proud member of a different sports team and your favorite school event is Intramurals, we’re totally here for you! And you need shoes that can keep up with your active lifestyle that is why a pair of Sharpshooter should be a staple in your closet.

With a canvas upper and Velcro straps, you will surely get comfort and breathability with every move you make! Shop Here

3. The Fashionista

There’s always that one person in class who acts as if the world is the runway. They come in class with double tap-worthy OOTDs and are always ahead of all the trends! And sometimes, that person is you. If that’s the case, then the Invictus B69 Ketchup & Mustard is definitely a must-have for you.

Add flavor to all of your looks with the pop of color in red and yellow. This suede-mesh-leather triple combo is a no-fail to spice up any of your outfits. Shop Here

4. The Crammer

Enjoy now, work later! Some of us just work best that way and we’re not here to judge. The crammer has a carefree spirit, but can also laser focus when they want to. If this is something that you can relate with, then you definitely need to slide into a pair of Smiley x Beam.

This flexible slip-on with a fun Smile embroidered at the heel counter will add an edge to any casual outfit to match your personality. It also comes with a Bounce Pad Insole to protect your feet with every step you take. Shop Here


5. The Artsy

Some people just see the world in a different perspective and they can turn just about anything into art. Whether through painting, poetry, music, or whatever medium, they are able to express their thoughts and emotions beautifully using one art form or another. If you feel the same way, then you need a pair of WB x Fresh Flamingo in your life.

This version of the I-Sperm comes in a vibrant pink colorway and green accent, matched with the iconic Heart Sperm logo in blue will surely bring out the artist in you the moment you put it on.  Shop Here


6. The Young at Heart

There’s a bunso in every class. That one classmate we have who is just super innocent, sweet, and child-like. If you’re the class baby, then the Minnie x Horizon & Mickey x Crusade are your perfect pairs! Slide ‘em on and your young at heart attitude will shine through with every step you take.

With its red accents and minimalist Minnie & Mickey Mouse details on the side, your OOTDs will have a fresh, cute, but highly fashionable vibe! Shop Here


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