WB & WB: World Balance & the White-Beige Minimalist Aesthetic

WB & WB:  World Balance & the White-Beige Minimalist Aesthetic

Fact: You’ve encountered the term minimalist aesthetic at least once.

From bright and loud colors, a lot of us seemed to have transitioned into neutrals – be it for clothes, shoes, or home decors. And even if we go for some pops of color, they’re often in muted or pastel tones.

Is it the change of mindset? Maybe in clutter and noise, we’ve learned that less is more, and that reflected through our aesthetic taste.

Or maybe, it’s the staying at home. With spending more time in our spaces, we needed to calm down the visual noise for focus.


And yes, we may or may not be talking about the cozy and satisfying Home Buddies aesthetic here. #TeamKahoy, #TeamPuti, and #TeamBeige, we see you!

But have you heard of #TeamBeige of #TeamWorldBalance? You may not know yet, but we do offer a good selection of beige and nude kicks.

Visually simple but overflowing in style!

#Team Beige and Nude
For the Ladies

Score Extra Points with the Mendel L in Nude

Team Beige and Nude, this is it. The winning pair that even the other teams can’t deny.

We often associate knit with sporty sneakers, and leather for formal shoes. But there’s something about the mix of these two that gives Mendel such a unique and classy style.

It’s breathable and lightweight enough for everyday use, but also offers an upgraded look for days you want to dress up.

If you’re also about the features and technology that goes into shoes, the Mendel L will not back down from the benefits it can offer you:


  • EVA Outsole: The sole is lightweight but densely packed. Simply put, you’ll be able to walk and strut comfortably and lightly without fearing that your shoes will break apart in the middle of it all.
  • Rubber Outsole: It means the bottom is made of rubber. The rubber grip prevents you from slipping regardless of the surface you’re walking on.
  • Bounce Pad Insole: If the outsoles are good, then so is the insole. The name says it all – it helps your steps bounce, cushioning your feet from the impact against the ground.

And yes, you can get all this goodness for only PHP 950. We don’t know about you, but we think this is a win!


An Elevated Style with Vesta         

When we say elevated, we mean it both literally and figuratively.

Literally, because the platform is chunky and thick. Just get used to people asking if you got taller, you’ll receive a lot of them for sure.

Figuratively, because this will certainly upgrade your OOTD.

The body is white leather, and the beige details are perfect accents that wrap the whole look together. For our #TeamKahoy and #TeamPuti, this is a close shoe version, don’t you think?

For the beige details, do you think they’re as simple as they look? Look again!

They’re made with a combination of leather and cow suede, giving it that premium quality that topples all other sneakers out there.

On top of the luxurious features, Vesta is still affordable at PHP 1,469.30, discounted price.

And it’s not just all about the visuals, this pair is likewise equipped with the Bounce Pad Insole and durable outsoles.

See those teeth-like grip details on the bottom? Yep, that means stability at its finest!


Simply Extra with Eccentra

For our Team Nude members who love athleisure activities, you’re probably wondering if we have something for you.


The Eccentra runs lighter than our previous selections, closing in on Team Puti, but she is still a Team Beige ally, we promise!

As we’ve agreed, the knit is perfect for the sporty choice. And no doubt, this material makes Eccentra breathable and flexible, as if you’re wearing socks plus shoes at the same time.

It’s lace-less and easy to wear but still secures your feet through every active step. These kicks may look simple, but they are highly reliable be it in fashion or movements – the perfect embodiment of less is more for only PHP 1,899.

#Team Beige and Brown

For the Gentlemen


Got a bit jealous there with the ladies’ selection?

Well, understandable.

But don’t be. World Balance Men also have great ones for your sizes.


Paint the World with Davenport Beige

You’ve heard of knit, leather, mesh, and even cow suede.

But have you seen our canvas shoes? And even better, in beige?

The Davenport is the MVP when it comes to upping the casual game. It doesn’t limit itself in terms of style and functionality, making sure that your definition of casual will be on the next level.

What’s so good about canvas, you say?

The moisture control of this material is top-notch, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet. And not just that, it has good ventilation, which is always a reliable feature for every kind of shoes, especially for daily use.

“Beige” and “casual” together may sound plain and simple, but you’ll change your mind once you see and try out Davenport for only PHP 1,499.

We know you will.


AWGGRRRGHHGR with Star Wars Chewbacca x Aeronaut

And by “AWGGRRRGHHGR”, we mean “this is the best brown shoes you’ll ever try.”

Star Wars fan or not, there’s no denying that the Star Wars Chewbacca x Aeronaut pair offers a classy vibe with its leather and suede materials. Its entire body is a beautiful shade of chocolate brown, contrasted with sleek white platform soles.

RRWWGGGHRR! (translation: wow!).

The Chewbacca hints are subtle for the non-fans, but also significant enough for the fans to appreciate.

And don’t worry about the benefits. It is likewise packed with Bounce Pad Insole and durable outsoles. All these for only PHP 1,300 discounted price. Yes, you read that correctly! A pretty good deal, right?


Amp Up the Activeness with Flurry M

If you prefer the lighter shades as opposed to dark browns, the Flurry M will not disappoint you. Though it’s technically gray, the shade of gray perfectly meets the cream color.

One of our favorite features about this pair is the unique lace styling. It steered away from the usual bulky ones, and the thin design also hints at minimalism in a visually satisfying way.

But wait! There’s more. For only PHP 1,999, Flurry allows you to enjoy these benefits too:

  • Hotmelt Overlays: Overlayed on breathable mesh, these overlays provide extra support for the shoes. A good addition for athleisure shoes for that extra protection.
  • Molded EVA Midsole: You already know that EVA outsoles are good. Why not add it to the midsole as well? Flurry will!
  • Rubber Outsole: For intense movements, you’ll need good traction. The rubber outsole does the trick for you, with no sweat!


So, have we convinced you to join #TeamBeige, #TeamNude, and #TeamBrown of Team World Balance?

Don’t lie, we know we did – even for a little bit!

Shop World Balance now to add these to your minimalist aesthetic wardrobe.

World Balance Women:

  • Mendel L
  • Vesta
  • Eccentra

World Balance Men:

  • Davenport
  • Starwars x Chewbacca Aeronaut
  • Flurry M

We also have convenient modes of payment and transactions, so you can get these kicks as easily as possible.

Because you know what they say – less is more!

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