Shoes for Every Kind of Traveler

Who doesn’t love to travel? Traveling is the best way to get out of your comfort zone, discover cultural diversity, and embark on incredible adventures! It is important to pack light and when you’re off to a new destination where your choice of shoes play a big role in dressing the part.

Shoes can make or break your OOTDs and deciding which sneakers to pack for a trip can be challenging. In order to figure out which shoes will be best for you, start by working out what kind of trip and traveler you are and keep these three words in mind: Versatile, Lightweight and Necessary.

Here are our travel shoe picks for every kind of explorer:


For the avid jetsetter

The Pendulum sneakers are light, comfortable and look pretty cool. The sock-like, seamless mesh and neoprene construction makes the Pendulum very comfortable and ideal for long flights. They’re breathable, easy to get on and off and most of all--packable. Book that destination and go places with World Balance Pendulum shoes.


For the savvy executive

Keep your wanderlust spirit high and get an easy to pair shoes. World Balance Bronson shoes are not only comfortable but also a versatile option for travel. From the jetway to the boardroom or the beach, this shoe has the broadest style spectrum than any other shoe. You can go straight to a meeting in a New York office or be comfortable showing up on the beach in Cancun.


For the adrenaline junkies and weekend warriors

Shoes will be one of the most important gear decisions you'll make. World Balance Terra Racer has really nailed comfort and durability. It’s cushy, has a high grip, and features a slightly wider toebox, which is great for long days on the trail; while the thick midsole does a great job of providing protection underfoot from rocks, roots, and other debris. Blaze your trails with the Terra Racer.


For the travel fitness enthusiast

It's worth taking your running shoes with you to keep up with your health goals with the Circuit Trainer. So grab these lightweight shoes from World Balance because these performance sports shoes can handle anything life throws at you.


For the smart traveler

It's important to have a good shoe that won’t weigh you down when you travel but must be durable enough to handle whatever activities you have in store. While you shouldn’t sacrifice fit and comfort for appearance, you still want to look good, starting with your feet. World Balance Vigor is the perfect example of style and function, perfect for any voyages or when you’re partying in the streets of Ibiza.


For the adventurous tourist

All you need are sneakers that will look good on khakis, jeans and bermuda shorts---or just about anything when you're exploring the city sights, island hopping or blending in with the locals. Valor shoes is made with breathable mesh and suede upper, it’s the perfect pair for riding scooters and exploring the scenery. Your go-to pair for confident and laidback everyday style.


For every destination, just keep in mind to bring shoes that are versatile and easy to wear. Be cool and collected as you bring breathable and comfy pieces on your escapade. Explore new cities and get off the beaten path with World Balance shoes, your perfect travel buddy.